The crowning jewel, the coup de grace, the cherry on your ice cream, this room is the best among the best. Penthouse 302 is not just the lap of luxury, it is the very heart of it. Its European furnishing takes one away from Baguio and gives the feel that one is not in the Philippines but instead lounging around in a Swiss chalet somewhere in the alps. Not only does the Penthouse have a full kitchen, it also has a wet bar in the upper terrace and a roof garden overlooking Burnham Park. As we said before, it is the cherry on top of the ice cream because it makes your stay all the more enjoyable.


  • European Inspired Furnishing
  • Toilet and Bath
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • Mini Kitchen
  • Cable T.V.
  • Wonderful View
  • Fireplace
Good for 4 guests/5-6 guests/7-8 guests


2 Bedrooms

3 Toilets & Baths


Cost: P 4,877.00/5,852.00/6,573.00